Wednesday, 01 December 2021

It is estimated that by 2018 the demand for wireless bandwidth is expected to be 50 times the bandwidth required today. Wireless network operators are continuously challenged to provide access to multimedia services including voice, e-mail and HD video seamlessly on any device, at anytime and anywhere to meet consumer's insatiable demand.

Magnolia Broadband, Inc. founded in 2000 by serial entrepreneur and renowned wireless innovator Haim Harel, and led by wireless veteran CEO Osmo Hautanen, is the pioneering technology developer of “Beam Forming” RF solutions, with over 100 patents granted or pending.  Magnolia Broadband was the driving force leading industry standardization efforts for Up-Link Mobile Transmit Diversity (“MTD”), which was approved and adopted by the 3GPP governing authority.  This technology offers wireless network operators double the capacity and scalability to address significant growth in mobile data usage, enabling new revenue opportunities and delivering innovative services - faster and more reliably without any changes to network system architecture.  Subsequently, Magnolia Broadband’s technology portfolio of over 50 patents was acquired by GOOGLE in 2012. 

With engineering teams located in New Jersey, Silicon Valley and Israel, Magnolia Broadband has the world’s leading RF technologists developing next generation solutions addressing wireless market needs.  Magnolia Broadband’s latest technological innovation-- a software solution called Adaptive Antenna System (“AAS”) focuses on both the uplink and downlink transmission, dramatically improving the quality & performance of smartphones,  tablet and laptop computers by doubling the data speeds, increasing battery life by 15% to 20% while improving the overall connectivity to the wireless carrier networks including 4G/LTE, 3G and carrier grade Wi-Fi and Small Cells.

Magnolia Broadband RF solutions combine innovative Software, Signal Processing technologies and novel Integrated Circuit solutions for the wireless industry. The combination of these innovations enables the wireless network operators to push out the Adaptive and Diversity Antenna capabilities to the edge of their cellular and Wi-Fi networks, while enabling the device manufacturers to offer these benefits economically. 

Magnolia Broadband with vision and foresight had made major investments over a decade in conceiving, developing and patenting its “MTD” and “AAS” “Beam-Forming” technologies to provide solutions before the market realized the need for such solutions, that are field proven to provide significant improvement of additional down & uplink margin in operator networks. With these technologies, wireless operators and their suppliers will reap the very significant performance and financial benefits this additional link margin provides. With GOOGLE’s acquisition of the MTD patent portfolio, Magnolia Broadband is firmly established as the leader in the area, which is emerging as a key operational need for carriers for which there are limited technical options.

Magnolia Broadband’s leading edge “Beam Forming” patented solutions enable wireless carriers to offer double data throughput while improving coverage at cell edge with no change to wireless standards and provide wireless users with improved performances and experiences on their mobile devices.